Boikot Starbucks..

Kepada semua penggemar Starbucks khususnya yang Muslim,
Lepas ni korang pikirlah sendiri nak pergi lagi ke tak..
Tepuk dada tanya Iman..
"Without you, my valued customer, I wouldn't be able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars each year to support Israeli citizens from terrorist attacks and keep reminding every Jew in America, to defend Israel at any cost, $5 billion per year from the US goverment are no way near enough to pay for all the weaponry, bulldozers and security fences needed to protect innocern Israeli citizens from anti-Semitic Muslim terrorism..
So next time you feel like chilling out at a Starbucks store, please remember that with every cup you drink at Starbucks you are helping with a noble cause.." - Howard Schultz

Jgn bli ape2 kat starbucks lagi...

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